Graduates of NYSPP’s training programs are invited to join the Membership Alumni. Membership is also open to similarly trained professionals whose approach and philosophy is in accordance with NYSPP.

The mission of the Membership Alumni is to provide its members with a forum to continue learning, as well as to promote an enriching and supportive environment for clinicians. The School support the online Newsletter, The Day Residue. The school also publishes an annual Membership Directory that is a valuable resource for clinical treatment referrals.

The Membership Alumni has an elected Board of Directors which meets once a month.

Scientific Meetings

An annual Scientific Meeting is held every Spring in New York City, featuring highly acclaimed professionals speaking on an array of psychoanalytic topics. The Scientific Meetings are open to the public, as well as alumni and members.

Please see Events page for details.

Speakers Bureau

The Membership Alumni maintains a Speakers Bureau available to schools, clinics, agencies and religious and community groups. Speakers address a wide range of topics, such as child development, childhood trauma and trauma across the life cycle, substance abuse, divorce, mental health issues in foster care and adoption, and many others.

To request a Speaker, please call 212 262-2381.


Ongoing educational workshops and seminars for alumni and members are provided throughout the academic year.

Please see Events page for details.

P. O. Box 20921 NYC, NY 10023. 212-245-7045 | Apply Now