What is the basic tuition at NYSPP?

Tuition at NYSPP is $550 per semester. Students can earn up to 22.5 CEU credits from the NY State Social Work board.

Beyond attending the courses, what are the other requirements?

NYSPP students are required to complete 100 hours of individual supervision. Each student is also required to participate in their own psychotherapy with an approved NYSPP psychotherapist. We believe that personal treatment compliments course work and offers emotional support to the process of learning. These two requirements enhance the student’s learning by experiencing and practicing the techniques and theory they are studying. Finally, students are required to complete a final paper focusing on a client from supervision. NYSPP provides mentoring and support to complete this final paper.

What are the costs for NYSPP training?

Tuition: $550 per semester

Supervision: $50 per session

Psychotherapy: $50 per session

What are the details of supervision?

Students are required to participate in 50 hours of clinical supervision with an assigned NYSPP supervisor. This typically begins in the second semester, but may be adjusted as needed for the student. Students attend supervision for two years for a total of 100 hours. Each supervisor works collaboratively with candidates to refine clinical technique and support their understanding of the theory.

Is psychotherapy available to students?

Yes. Students are offered low fee therapy by approved psychotherapists from within the NYSPP network, or by approved clinicians outside it. These sessions are typically set at an affordable $50 per session and allow the student to further learn the clinical material while processing their own life experiences.

What are the details on the final case presentation?

Students are required to complete a case presentation paper focusing on the application of theory to their work with one client. This paper is to demonstrate an aspect of the practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy within the setting of the student’s workplace or practice. Students present to 2-3 senior therapists in a supportive environment. If desired by the student, we provide mentors and support to complete this assignment.

Can I manage attending NYSPP if I am working full time?

Yes. Our scheduling is designed for the working professional. As such, classes are held on Monday evenings at the offices of instructors who teach the course. Classes starting time ranges from 6:00 or 6:30 to 9:30 or 10:00 PM. The Fall term starts the last Monday of September, and the Spring term starts the first Monday of February.

What happens at graduation?

We have a ceremony where students and their families, faculty, board members, gather to celebrate students’ completion of the program. Upon graduation, students receive a Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and are members of our alumni association.

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